Lance's Enfield 500

The Build

When Lance wandered into the shop, his first words were "I want something different!" So we sat down and over a cup of coffee worked out what Lance liked. In the end, we came up with a bike that is a cross between a beach racer and a bobber. mixing the two styles together, in our opinion gels quite well and gives the bike a very purposeful look.

Lance wanted a very uncluttered rear end to the bike, so to achieve this we had to chop the rear guard (this was our first customer/builder debate point), Lance wanted the rear guard super short but we felt that from behind we would end up looking under the guard rather than at the guard itself. Eventually we settled on the idea to make a feature of the "Redditch" badge and cut around this. With this matter settled we moved on to sorting where the tail light should go and what seat/spring combo would work best. We opted for rotary springs for the seat and a black sculpted seat, with the rear light unit being a Bates style unit mounted under the seat. a bracket was made up so we could side mount the number plate and the rear wiring was then attended to.

Up front we went for a drop bar set up with the front side lights utilised as front indicators to clean up the appearance. We also removed the front guard (we made up a quick fit front guard to keep things legal), dechromed the front headlight and made sure that all front nuts and bolts were also painted black. 

We tried tyres with and without whitewalls, but settled on the whitewalls as they seemed to make a bit of a statement. With the heavy standard exhaust removed a short bullet style silencer was chosen to both look minimalist and also to sound right for the way the bike now looked.

Lance has plans to buy a second fuel tank and have a custom paint job done so he can change the way the bike looks whenever he feels like, we're looking forward to working with Lance to design the next phase for his bike.


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