Kawasaki Z1000 Fighter

The Build

This bike was a two stage project. Initially we had been asked by the owner Phil to give the bike a bit of a fresher look and maybe a custom exhaust. This we did and Phil ended up with the bike you can see in the first couple of pics. Then however the bike was involved in an accident (not with Phil riding it I hasten to add but at the hands of o "friend".

Thus we got to have a second go at this bike. This time we went quite a bit further. We changed the tailpiece for a single seat race unit from a ZX6R, changed the exhaust (again) by making a stainless steel TIG welded four into one into four unit. We used an integrated LED taillight/stoplight and indicator unit mounted under the rear seat unit to give the bike that look of having no rear lights. We fitted MX taper bars with shorty levers and billet brake fluid reservoir. Made a custom seat pad to fit the new tail unit, stripped and polished the wheels and then sent all the parts to Lee Smith our master painter from James Lee Designs. He prepared a black base with a green/gold metalflake and gold pinstriping with the centre black and gold stripe running from the nose of the bike right through the tank and seat unit and through and under the tailpiece. With the short four outlet exhaust system to say it was quite loud would be an understatement, one of our customers likened the noise of this bike at idle to that of a military Iroquois helicopter!


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