Dark Spirit

The Build

Certainly not our most complex build, however it was a bike that was an instant hit with our customers, (good job really as we built it as a spec built bike). In 2016 Triumph brought out the T100 Spirit, which was a nice bike finished in a bright blue with white graphics and utilising some parts from other members of the Bonneville family i.e. the smaller headlight from the scrambler and black rims and spokes from the Bonnie T100 Black along with the upswept "Dunstall" style mufflers of the mag wheel bonnie. Whils we liked this bike it received a somewhat muted response from our customers. So, we set about thinking what tweeks we could make to the bike to make it interesting without breaking the bank and over capitalising it.

This is where the idea to paint the bike black and call it the "Dark Spirit" came from. On top of this we fitted wide western style bars set in a low rider type of position. We also added the single seat and rack unit normally fitted to a scrambler and then a pair of shorty "turbo" mufflers and an open pipe tune and hey presto a different bike!

We barely had time to grab a few quick photos of this bike and a quick ride around the block on her before one of our customers had snapped her up.


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