Grahams Norton Commando

Compliance work

We received a phone call from Graham informing us that he had just brought two bikes back with him from the USA, these being a Norton Commando and a Triumph T100 Cafe Racer and needed these bikes to be prepared and submitted for compliance testing so they could be used in New Zealand. Now the Triumph we will get to later! The Norton was extremely tidy but had a few things that Graham wanted us to sort as the fuel in New Zealand is quite different to the States and the carbs were going to need rejetting plus the brakes would need a bit of seeing to. These tasks were attended to, the bike was registered and Graham picked her up and went off to ride his beautiful Commando.

Unfortunately not too long after getting the Commando on the road an errant driver performed a U-turn in front of Graham knocking him off his bike and damaging it. So, back into the workshop she came and we set about repairing her back to her beautiful best. New handlebars, grips, levers, mirrors, exhausts, headlamp, instruments, footpeg and gearshift were all required to be replaced before this beauty was back to looking her ravishing best. Whilst all this was going on we were also tackling Grahams T100 Cafe Racer.......... see above.


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