Kanis K100

The Build

When kani first came to us and said I want you to do something cool with my K100 we were pretty surprised, to explain, Kani already had a Harley that had undergone a fair amount of engine work and modifications (if you know Kani's Harley you will know it looks like Arnie should be riding it in a Terminator movie).

We stripped the bike back to its base components, painted the frame and engine block black and stripped and polished all the alloy componentry i.e forks, fuel tank, cam cover, sump, triple clamps, etc while this was being done we replaced all of the engine bolts with stainless steel cap heads, we shortened up the front forks and replaced the rear shock with a more adjustable unit. For the exhaust we wanted to keep it looking simple and tight so we went for a four into one into two arrangement with a kicked up tail pipe. As we wanted the bike to look low and uncluttered we opted for a digital instrument display that we fitted to nestle into the upper triple clamp. As can be seen from the pics we were at the point that the bike was starting to go together, then Ricky had an idea and sold the plan to change from fuel injection to four carbies to Kani.

Once this had been agreed then we needed to pull the bike apart to allow us to make up a new engine loom and then to figure out an inlet manifold. As can be seen from the pics we went for four individual intake stacks direct to each of the four carbs and then individual pod filters. 


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